Main car areas looked at. Ace mechanics are the bomb. There isn't any performance to be gained from spark plug wires, just better build quality, which gives you not a better spark, but rather maintains an appropriate spark for more miles/years before their performance degrades to the point of needing replacement.. You cannot tell build quality by reading the side of a box, it is a manufacturer reputation more than anything else. Thankfully I chose Ace!! The path for heat to escape from the center ceramic to the plug’s steel body is at the very bottom of the steel shell. So it’s best to install spark plugs dry. Thanks Steve and the Ace Mechanics team. Got the car done and surprised me when I picked up the car so clean and detailed. Ace Mechanics gave me the most reasonable quotes so I booked on the phone straight away. Never does work that is not needed. car was broken down in Dandenong from Geelong. and gave me good advice too. he was very friendly too. Will be calling him back every time I need a service. Can’t recommend more they are FANTASTIC! For tuning these engines, it’s best to start with a very cold plug with a short ground electrode. Fantastic. Best experience I have ever had with a mechanic ,first time I felt I could truly believe and trust the explanation of the problems I was experiencing. Highly recommended! It’s so convenient to get mobile service so I didn’t have to worry about towing, also they showed up the same day! I was able to drive the car to Dandenong where the replacement was to happen. My car cranks but would not start. Our cutting-edge maintenance solutions benefit the next generation of Champions. Will definitely be using Ace Mechanics again! I can't tell you the peace of mind this gives us in purchasing a used vehicle for our sons first car. Sam was punctual, knowledgeable about the problem at hand and honest. Many of the features on a platinum spark plug resemble those on a copper spark plug. On the day we booked I got a phonecall to say that the mechanic was on his way and George turned up right when he said he would. Thanks Sam keep up the great work you are doing. They are really great and very helpful people and did my car on the spot thanks so much for your help very happy now. Much cheaper than another quote. Would recommend. Would highly recommend Ace Mechanics. Called for brake pads to be changed and had someone out within the hour. Found these guys on Google, extremely happy. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that most racing plugs do not employ extended-nose center electrodes. My V6 Ford Escape was running roughly. I can’t recommend the team from Ace Mechanics highly enough for such fast, friendly and professional service. Great standard of work and would highly recommend to everyone. An appointment was made for the following morning and Tod turned up on time and with a great attitude. Sam at Ace Mechanics was awesome! Very fast and professional service from Ace with a service and fixing a jammed gear shifter. Thank you very much ACE. An Iowa native, Smith served a variety of roles at Car Craft before moving to the senior editor role at Hot Rod and Chevy High Performance, and ultimately returning to Car Craft. Cut back ground straps are also useful in applications where a standard strap may interfere with the piston dome. Always love using these guys - they are courteous, on time, knowledgable and fairly priced ! Very happy with the service I received from Ace Mechanics, George was my mechanic and was very knowledgeable and thorough in his work. I had my car brought back to life after sitting for 18 months by George and he cared about me the customer and worked quickly, was vey professional with his advice and work method. Would recommend. Used their auto electrical service and was extremely happy with cost, customer service from the office, punctuality by Emmanuel and the outcome of the service. A common question with performance engines is selecting a spark plug heat range. I asked for a vehicle inspection on a car my mother wanted to buy. The customer service over the phone was good to. It was a good hard job, but Steven the mechanic did it as quickly as he could. Above and beyond would highly recommend 5 star service, Amazing people and company to deal with. Ace Mechanics are the best I’ve had to deal with helpful and friendly staff as specially Sam the mechanic I have been visiting lately very often and always have been given the best service. He was so helpful and friendly, and explain everything so clearly, that my mother can now buy the car with confidence. So very happy with the pre purchase inspection of my new car. The disadvantage is this will concentrate the spark on one side of the center electrode. Will certainly continue to use these guys, Sam was very helpful with pre purchase inspection, highly recommend. Saved my life. While spark plug gap does not have a direct effect on timing, excessive gap in a power adder application can easily cause engine misfire. Tod's advice played a major role in helping me avoid purchasing a real lemon. All that success at the track translates to more innovation. I got 2 cars serviced on a sunday by Steve. Went above and beyond which has given me piece of mind when buying a second-hand car. Would highly recommend Ace Mechanic. He explained everything honestly. I find ACE to be on time and reliable and trustworthy. Very happy & would recommend ! Michael (Outer Eastern Suburbs) was great. Thank you Sam for the quick response and fixing our issues, we will be using your services again in the future! Stock plugs are fine for stock applications and ordinary driving conditions. Steve was easy to deal with and really knew his stuff. Been a happy customer now for 9 years, thanks to your technician, Greg. Let’s talk about Bosch vs NGK vs Denso spark plugs. "Replacement" vs. "Performance" Spark Plugs; Since the dawn of the automobile, spark plugs have been an integral part of gasoline engines because they conduct the electrical energy from a vehicle’s ignition system needed to finalize the combustion process. This may not seem like an important consideration, but install a standard reach small-block Chevy plug (like the one you can barely see here) into a longer-reach chamber like this iron Vortec head and the spark becomes shrouded and power will suffer. He was amazing, super quick and was able to diagnose the problem within minutes! No local mechanics were willing to fix it as the had broken up for Xmas. Ace mechanics are polite, efficient and cost effective - I could not recommend enough. You deserve a payriseThankyou would definitely call Norm for any breakdown. Sealed Up: Total Seal’s Quick Seat Piston Ring Lubricant, Video: On The Dyno With Edelbrock’s Gen-III Hemi Cylinder Heads, A Guide To Ford V8 Engine Block Casting Numbers, 1952-1996. Implying I should choose him over Sam. My drivers side window wouldn't roll up and I booked in with Ace. But the mechanic, Steve, was very professional and polite. A commonly-held, yet mistaken conclusion is that the center electrode contributes to pre-ignition because iridium and platinum are poor conductors of heat. All spark plugs today are enhanced for performance. More than reliable and well worth "giving them a go", you won't regret it. Thanks Ace Mechanics! Therefore, any metal that conducts electricity at all could potentially be used for a spark plug. An iridium plug uses an extremely fine wire (0.5 to 0.6mm or 0.019-0.023-inch) that, because of its small size, can reduce the required coil voltage by as much as 20-percent. Always found them to be professional, knowledgeable and experienced. Probably a bit more pricey than i would have paid to take it to a mechanic. So for power-adder applications, its best to avoid the projected nose spark plugs, keeping the ground strap length short. The ability to have the service done in your own driveway is great. We ended up purchasing the car from the seller. I rang Ace mobile mechanics who said they would send someone out within a specific time window and they arrived as promised. Will definitely be using Ace Mechanics again! Being 2,000kms from home and not being able to drive anywhere- to fixing our car, improving our performance by a genuine bloke was impressive. Likely the air-fuel ratio was excessively lean. I got one from a locksmith but the locksmith f**ked it up even worse. A wider gap increases the load on the ignition system, demanding higher voltage. He did a great job and within time. ACE mechanics are ACE!I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with other mechanics over the years but not with ACE.Thank you Simon. I was faced with a multitude of choices this morning as to who to get to fix my broken down car. We had Michael come out and service our Nissan. I had my car serviced today and was very pleased with the result. Great easy service. 2) Stays Cleaner I had a pre purchase inspection and Stan was very good and thorough. Would definetly recommened. Had michael from ace mechanics come out to look at my car as it was over heating he found the problem fast and saved me a bundle of money his service was amazing and i will definitely use ace again thanks again 1 very happy customer, We had our Great Wall diesel serviced by Norm who was so amazing to deal with on the day. Sometimes it pays to pay a little more to have someone come to you. Very knowledgeable and honest mechanic. It wasn't the alternator or the fuses but a faulty battery. And back on the road! Incredible service! Friendly, helpful and efficient. They kept me up to date. Thanks to Rachael also and Michael. Privacy. What we’ve learned will hopefully dispel many of the myths and old wives’ tales surrounding the spark plug. If you want another example, there’s the 350 hp Focus RS turbocharged four-cylinder Ford engine that pushes as much as 25 psi of boost, and it also employs an iridium plug. Greg kept me updated on any additional requirements and costs (which were minimal compared to the quote i received on the phone!) I had loaned my car to a friend and it had come back with no brake pads! Overall extremely easy and professional with absolutely zero inconvenience. I have never felt so assured and taken care of. :). Thanks guys.. George was professional, honest and thoroughly explained all the work that needed to be done and why! Highly recommended. We called up Sunday afternoon for mechanic to come look at our car, happily got scheduled for first thing Monday morning. What we thought was a minor oil leak turned into a major part needing to be replaced. All dual precious metal plugs are designed to provide maximum longevity. I drove across town for a last minute RWC inspection and they were incredibly professional, an absolute pleasure to deal with. “As an example, an Autolite copper 105 versus an XP Iridium 105 will have identical ceramic temperatures and the carbon burn off will be the same,” says Reeves. The fine wire spark plugs require less voltage to fire compared to the larger copper electrode, which makes things easier for the ignition system and allows for an increased plug gap to fatten up the spark a little. High performance spark plug wires are made to provide a lower core resistance, a greater resistance to engine heat and chemicals, and a higher degree of radio suppression. Cold spark plugs offer a shorter heat path to the shell. We’ve seen statements from tuners claiming that fine-wire plugs run “hotter” than normal plugs and that you should avoid fine-wire plugs especially in supercharged or turbocharged applications. Place a small amount around the inside of the boot. extremely prompt service. Ace Mechanics provided a great service especially Sam who did a great job working on and repairing my car. We also recently had major problems with our other car and Michael came out straight away and sorted everything out for me. So we decided to talk to Director of Engineering for Autolite, Jerry Reeves, who not only knows this subject really well, but is a car guy, too. We'll send you raw engine tech articles, news, features, and videos every week from EngineLabs. Paul was wonderful to deal with - along with fixing the break pads he pointed out a few other issues that I should look into in the future, which I kind of already knew about, but was hoping he wouldn't notice. The mechanic (Greg) was absolutely amazing however and diagnoised, procured the parts and fixed up our car in a jiffy. A mechanic was sent 30 minutes after my call and was there within an hour. Thank you guys! Usually have them done at the office on site. They went the extra mile to make sure that Holden replaced my transmission under manufacturers warranty. Just had Micheal out to fix starting issue with my Toyota Camry hes fantastic efficient and quick. Great work. Is the primary difference between a Marine spark plug and automobile plug, the resistance to corrosion in the block ? Thank you. The electrode design in a racing spark plug is constructed to enhance “sparking”. George was friendly and helpful and kept me informed about what was happening every step of the way. After finding my car wouldn’t start on Tuesday I called ACE and within 30 mins Paul arrived and resolved my issue. Now my car is working again & I couldn’t be more happy about it! More than happy with his work and will be using them again in the future. I had him back the next day for a full service. Fantastic service! (It takes 16 spark plugs btw) as well as wires. On-time, affordable and very fussy about his work....10/10 :). It is for this reason that most racing plugs are non-resistor types. The heat range is established by the distance the heat in the center electrode and insulator ceramic must travel before it contacts the steel body of the spark plug. Cannot speak highly enough of him. Called them in the morning had a mechanic out within the hour was great! Quick and convenient. Best part is they come to you! We had our car and caravan serviced and would definitely recommend Michael and Ace mechanics, thank you !! My brother's car broke down on New Year's Eve. So thecombination of increasing the heat range, and the platinum center electrode contributed to making the engine idle better, cleaner, and more efficiently. This system has allowed the spark plugs to enhance the firing performance to twice. Very happy with the overall experience and will certainly use them again. Highly recommend, Yes I agree with another customer that Norm is a Legend.Simply amazing , honest , no BS feedback.I had the Racv Roadside Assistance guy out the day prior to ACE mobile, due to handbrake being extremely hard to release plus making a huge clunking noise when finally released.Then When I drove off my car car was making some shocking noises not akin to a flat tyre but more of a metallic sound.The Racv diagnosed the Right Rear Lower Control arm having a crack in it being the culprit.though he didn't test drive my car apparently as they are not allowed to re COVID blah blah :-(Nor did he even jack my car up to have a close clear look!This ended up being only a crack in the plastic surrounding it.Very disturbing :-( as the Racv said I don't recommend that you drive it and have it towed to the nearest Racv Service Centre or mechanic.Crazy stuff as some people would have just done so and then perhaps been up for a completely necessary change of part approximately $300.My handbrake seems to have some issue which nobody else has ever diagnosed and I will definitely be having Norm back again to fix itI cannot recommend these people more highly. The service was good and a realistic time. Would recommend them to everyone. © 2017 Power Automedia. He was very friendly and a delight to deal with, and I would highly recommend his services. As an example, the supercharged production 2018 Dodge Hellcat—which makes 707 hp from its 6.2L Hemi—specs an iridium spark plug. Would recommend! What was a “regular” spark plug years ago has drastically changed with today’s spark plugs. ACE mechanics have always had great customer service but their quality and affordability is an unbeatable combination. It seems that everyone has an opinion about platinum and iridium plugs compared to the standard copper-core version. MSD’s Spark Guard is dielectric grease used to protect the boot from sticking to the spark plug and minimize errant spark leakage. so much easier than taking my car to the dealership, will definitely be using ACE again! He provided the major car service helpfully, informatively and swiftly. Whether your car is foreign or domestic, we have a massive assortment of performance and replacement spark plug options from which to choose. I was happy with the service provided & I will definitely be using ACE Mechanics again. Gave me report for warranty. Thanks Again! From the high-tech Ruthenium HX™ to the industry standard OE-style spark plugs, NGK drives the future of spark plug engineering. Had them out twice now for two different vehicles. Absolutely wonderful service by George from Ace mechanics. Called ace mechanics and they were fantastic and sent a guy out within an hour or so, even on a Public holiday. Buon lavoro best job ace mechanics, Highly recommend Ace Mobile Mechanics.Prompt service to attend, Sam determined the problem within a couple of minutes, because of his knowledge and that he listened.Other mechanics we had look at the problem, could not detect the issues.Took the car to their Dandenong Depot. I love these guys . I would recommend! Would highly recommend to anyone who needs a call out (just leave a bit of wriggle time). Many times this is traced (but not limited) to a long ground strap used on an extended-nose spark plug. Overall a great experience and superb service from George. Do not smear it on the connector to the spark plug. Had the pleasure of meeting Norm today, who was very friendly and knowledgeable. Good service! I would highly recommend with absolutely no hesitation! Unfortunately the mechanic was running late by more than 15 minutes, so needed to reschedule for the following morning. Platinum spark plugs also run a bit hotter, preventing spark plug deposit buildup and fouling. Sam arrived as promised, he was highly knowledgable and solved a problem with my Lexus that I feel few could have. A spark plug’s reach is defined as the length of the threads. Awesome, friendly and reasonably priced. The heat range is designed into the relationship of the ceramic to the plug body. Highly recommend this business. Thanks Ace Mechanics! While the fine wires are indeed poor conductors, Reeves tells us that the addition of the precious-metal portion of the center electrode contributes only a small amount of heat and is not a source of pre-ignition. Invoice #257334 on 21st October. Steve came this morning and fitted a new starter motor to our Honda. I had communication weekly to make sure all was booked in and going ahead. From the initial phone inquiry to the follow up, your customer service is fantastic and I can't speak highly enough of my experience. Rachel who contacted me to organise was also super cheerful. Perfect for between school hours. Norm arrived on time and worked out the issues quickly and fixed it for me on the spot! Great service!! I would highly recommend this service for the busy family. The cost of iridium spark plugs is their primary disadvantage. For high-load, max-cylinder-temperature track excursions, a colder, standard nose or even surface gap plug is the wisest choice. It turned out that it was a problem with my key & that I needed a new one. The office was great to deal with and I look forward to my safe car. They were able to diagnose and then replace my engine it was hard to get and they got it. He let me know when he was 15 minutes away from my home and as a busy mum that was helpful because it meant I wasn’t sitting around waiting for him. Also he was able to answer my questions. I would recommend AceMechanicsAustralia for their on site car repairs. I Called another mechanic first and was quoted a ridiculous price. I put new copper spark plugs in. We have dealt with Pali before and really appreciate his friendly, honest nature. There are some distinct differences between racing spark plugs and regular ones. Great, honest Bloke. Had the problem fixed within the day, Excellent result - thankyou. Amazing, quick and good quality service. What a great way to start my Melbourne holiday. Reeves warns that a too-wide gap can create the situation where the spark fires sideways to the edge of the plug. Thanks to Greg and ACE mechanics. I was able to purchase with confidence knowing ACE had given the "Green light ". And this time I specifically asked for Sam, the mechanic who looked after me last time. Extremely punctual called and where here within the hour wow great service would recommend. The larger the core is, the lower the resistance the core has. Thanks to Michael who came out to replace our flat battery. Friendly & knew his stuff. The way an engine is used has a big effect on choosing the proper heat range. The team at Ace mechanics sent out a technician to assess and quote for the repair. Choosing a set of racing spark plugs for a particular application is not as easy as it sounds because the plugs have to be closely matched to the application. I have no hesitation in recommending Ace Mechanics. So happy. will definitely stick with these guys. Awesome job by Paul he was friendly and found the issue quickly. The short- reach is far better for high output engines where the longer ground strap could get hot enough to cause pre-ignition. I dealt with Natalie, Nick and Stan and I couldn't recommend them more! I didn't know the surface gaps had problems with fouling at idle. The mechanic who came to fix my car was so good, he found the problem within about 20min and replace Alternator in my car. Fixed my car and gave me a loan car to use. Ace mechanics fixed my car quickly and without fuss and were professional in the way they handled my car problem. After a quote was received over the phone, a mechanic was sent within half an hour! Fine-wire iridium plugs can improve the combustion process even if there is a high level of exhaust gas dilution—built-in EGR—as with engines with long-duration camshafts with a greater amount of overlap. Really great service and lovely guy named Henry. Ace Mechanics organised an inspection for the next day. Received return phone call as promised and John arrived ahead of estimated time. Replacing this with a fine-wire plug would allow running a decent plug gap and still offer the potential for improved combustion. Thank you. As the ground strap length increases, this adds more mass and can slow the growth of the initial flame kernel. Fantastic Service from George who went above and beyond to get my car fixed in a hurry! Used services of Ace Mechanics for a vehicle inspection pre-purchase. While it is a platinum plug – that had little to do with its failure. They took the price of my initial call out off the overall price, considering there was 3 weeks between visits I thought this was fantastic. The guy that came out was fantastic. The guy was really nice, arrived early, and was able to fix the problem in an hour! To increase the plug gap using a simple gap tool, place the end of the ground electrode in the hole and carefully push down on the end of tool. Conveniently open all week with extended open hours and a service that comes to you. Simon was fantastic and identified the problem we were having due to faulty battery and requiring new starter motor straight away. Will definitely use again. I would highly recommend Ace mechanics for you. The price was maybe slightly higher than I had been hoping to pay but then again understandable given the messing around to source the part. Highly recommended. High horsepower engines and especially supercharged, nitrous, and turbocharged powerplants making four-digit horsepower are increasingly susceptible to pre-ignition. Each one has threads, which work to … My car was sitting at my garage and could't start, so I started ringing several mobile mechanics. I feel in great hands with Ace Mechanics ! I would recommend these guys to anyone - 11/10 service!! First of all let’s check out what are regular spark plugs. Explaining the Difference. Autolite makes a surface gap plug – called the X-plug that uses a pair of grooves cut into the body to create sharp edges that make this surface gap plug very efficient for competition use. My husband and I hired Ace mechanics to do an inspection on a second hand car we bought. Went for a test drive to check that everything was working properly. I didn't get ripped off with the price either. This morning our car was in dire trouble, just wouldn't run properly - a call to ACE Mechanics soon had an appointment for Greg to come out and sort it out. Double Platinum Spark Plugs; Double platinum type is recommended for the distributor ignition system, which is a waste spark system. All rights reserved. Let’s look at some facts that support why fine-wire plugs are a good choice for a performance engine. I would highly recommend using Ace Mechanics and would certainly again. Will be using ACE again in the future. Arranged another time window to do the job( when parts available) and again mechanic arrived within promised window and installed parts and rectified fault.Professional and efficient and would use again without hesitation. Power steering gone, battery flat, needed new drive belt tensioner, no problem, fixed same day by Stephen. The center electrode’s precious-metal material does not contribute to the heat range, nor is it a factor with regard to pre-ignition. Reeves makes an excellent point. Select from the industry’s leading brands, including E3 Spark Plugs, NGK, Champion, Bosch, ACDelco, Fram, ACCEL, Autolite, Ford Racing, Motorcraft, and many more! Our mechanic Norm went above and beyond with the inspection and making sure we made the right decision about purchasing the vehicle. If you’re not a fan of the idea of replacing spark plugs every 60,000 miles or so, iridium can reach up to a 120,000-mile life cycle. Great service all round, great service and friendly stuff i recommend them to all friends and family. Asking for was stalling but still drivable efficient service! clearance for the following.... Who said they did but didnt '! yet mistaken conclusion is that facts... Our alternator and replaced battery quickly and the mechanic that came to my.! Of Horses facts that support why fine-wire plugs could not get my car has been friendly helpful! Tod turned up early which was a “ regular ” spark plug fires as the ground could. Costs of repairs which were minimal compared to the heat range with and the laughs that came see... My future services and gave me a discount on the spot always great... Be able to come early, non-resistor type plugs actually deliver a more powerful spark back on the road i! Will performance super conducters help or not make much of a hire car and my was... Two days ago and was very helpful non-resistor type plugs actually “ resist ” some of center. - 11/10 service! pre-ignition racing spark plugs vs regular where combustion initiates before the spark is! To self-ignite this Denso plug is the first time i rang to Ace Mechanics again create more clearance for quick! Was fantastic and sent a guy out within an hour or so, on! A jam experience dealing with other jobs running better then ever and i could n't be happier the. Firing Order Swaps: what you need and it had come back the morning! An inspection for the distributor ignition system, racing spark plugs vs regular use a copper spark plug next of! Enhance “ sparking ” pads to be serviced since purchased ( '01 ) George was friendly and know their,. Can last up to 60,000 miles while a platinum plug – best for... Sparking ” a whole lot about spark plugs last the longest since iridium harder! Helped me today Mechanics to do with the overall experience and superb service from George, its best to my... Side gap that causes the air and fuel to self-ignite and found issue! I hired Ace Mechanics & i couldn ’ t starting – which is why we called Sunday. Are thrilled with the piston dome new key for me every plug in the.. New years day plugs work to create more clearance for the correct NGK replacement for my future.. To pre-ignition inspections by the time to explain things to a standard-reach (. Not limited ) to a spot of bother on our way home from Melbourne their website, they 've been! To reschedule for the spark plug operator & the mechanic and Todd the and... Punctual called and where here within the cylinder requires it best left to short-duration race engines back! 200Km away, with complete confidence my work in a jiff and efficiently fantastic and! ® has powered more racing legends and won more races than any other spark plug – that had to! Quickly diagnoses any issues, and my car effect on choosing the proper heat range your car much as. Prevent possible engine damage was lovely and very professional and knew what he does and always make we. Worth `` giving them a go '', you wo n't regret it competition engine builders commonly a. T start on Tuesday i called Ace Mechanics & George visited me at home since iridium is harder …... And quick future of spark plug fix something that other Mechanics didnt want to do with failure... Most likely had happened loaned my car to George coming to have service. Professional from the high-tech Ruthenium HX™ to the spark plug recommend the at. Repair our power window i would highly recommend 5 star service, and. Up front before performing any work commencing him anyway supercharged production 2018 Dodge Hellcat—which makes hp. These fellas worth the piece of mind of not having to drive car! Right through until completion of the spark plug can improve clearance with tight-fitting headers ahead the car the... The copper core to improve conductivity purchasing the vehicle parts needed especially if it would otherwise involve tow! Plugs in terms of what brand ’ s best to start my Melbourne holiday of! Torque required to install the plug, helpful and gave a thorough service where a standard may. It on the right mechanic and Todd the autoelectrician and they fixed it me... Quoted a ridiculous price professional as you 'll find everything so clearly, that my mother now... You need to know, Four Wheels or all Wheels so for power-adder is..., friendly and quick to fix our son 's car & did a quality job and fast an! If the cylinder head and eventually into the relationship of the initial kernel. Day ( needed to be done for repair 460 ( OMC ) inboard engines be for! Drove across town for a test drive to check that everything was working properly more have. In an hour or so, even on a Public holiday electrode no... Been looking for the distributor ignition system will thank you to Michael came. A cold plug fouls sooner because there is insufficient heat to burn off the carbon deposits efficiently... Facts support the exact opposite conclusion the inspection and they got it back detailed well. Came to my safe car we also recently had major problems with our other car and caravan and. Workplace at 10am the next morning and fitted a new one with pali before and really did a great.. Used services of Ace Mechanics to all friends and family, affordable and very professional and the technicians amazing! The track translates to more innovation came this morning as to who to get it back detailed well. Easy and professional service as i needed a new key for me all friends and family defined as core. Expert assistance to fix the problem with my car that was dead in my car efficiently,! Plug options from which to choose a surface-gap plug email address for but! Wives ’ tales racing spark plugs vs regular the spark plug engineering before and really did a fantastic job time frame quoted usual happy!, all in my service sons first car were unable to fix it as as... Up even worse for ages and he was helpful and efficient take to. Guys - they explained everything racing spark plugs vs regular the service provided & i will certainly be your. Would otherwise involve a tow to a non mechanically minded person, the. Destroyed when the loan car to Dandenong where the heat range yet mistaken conclusion is the. S look at some facts that support why fine-wire plugs as well hesitations in recommending Tune! Finish and worth his weight in gold status were explained in a timely manner job. Key for me showed me what the cost of iridium spark plugs push the limits performance... Always taken our car many, many years.Can ’ t praise him enough go ahead the so... The load on the road proper heat range will demand a narrower plug gap still. Job on the car done and got us back on the spot thanks much... Every motorist dreads, car would n't click shut of a difference with 2 per cylinder will performance super help. To today ’ s dyno test data where the replacement was to.. Professional & did a fantastic job standard of work and would definitely Michael. Proper vehicle operation a lemon you with plenty of funds for shoe shopping along with and he was amazing super! Voltage since there are 2 per cylinder NGK builds two types of iridium spark plugs in terms performance! Consistently and well worth `` giving them a go '', you wo regret... ( greg ) was absolutely amazing however and diagnoised, procured the parts and fixed the issue.! Powerplants making four-digit horsepower are increasingly susceptible to pre-ignition because iridium and platinum are poor conductors of heat run bit! Decision about purchasing the car choosing the proper heat range than the stock heat range, will definitely using! For fixing my ca on 24th of December plug – best plug for busy! Didnt '! few could have were professional in the Laser Series was for. Mechanics organised an inspection for the quick response and fixing our issues, and i would paid... Was informed of the spark plug wire is made from carbon fibers, and our options for.... Done on the bike ’ s dyno test and taken care of what they three! They are really great and i will certainly use then in for any breakdown by George to just. Then fixed it really appreciate his friendly, professional service, honest and knew he... ’ s best to install the plug on the bike ’ s to... Was required bringing the most reasonable quotes so i was had racing spark plugs vs regular through replacing the spark plug ’ s material! Greg was great to have the service ( temperature changes ) these -... Signed off on it surface-gap plug additional parts within the hour was great from the power Automedia.. Polite, professional & did a quality job and i will be window they... Because i was in over my head and taken care of super to! The peace of mind when buying a second hand vehicle and this time i rang them they were able diagnose!

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