We adopted a dog from the rescue. If you aren’t looking for a competitive sporting dog, they also make excellent fetch partners. The Mountain Cur is a working dog bred for treeing squirrels and raccoons as well as for baying big game like bears. This breeder doesn’t require deposits and typically releases the puppy into the owner’s care after it turns 8 weeks old. One has stronger features from the Jack Russell breed, so the head and ears make you doubt they’re sisters. Ironically, after all of that, the dog in the Disney movie version of Old Yeller used to play the title character is not a Mountain Cur, but a Labrador x Mastiff mix. They are also seen in black, blue brown and yellow, or some combination of this. The five most common varieties of the Mountain Cur included the Ledbetter, Stephens, McConnell, York, and Arline. Recently adopted a Mt. They are also reserved with strangers, which makes them excellent guard dogs. Due to this drive for work and their ability to learn so quickly, it is recommended that they are exclusively owned as working dogs and used as family pets. Get our best dog content delivered in your inbox, including: The Mountain Feist is a true all-American dog! She is bridle with a black muzzle. They produce an all-around Mountain Cur – an excellent family dog and hunting dog. As ranches were traded out for city living and men went off to fight in the war, numbers of these dogs dwindled, and the breed was nearly lost – by 1940, this dog was ridiculously rare. Temperament / Aktivität. We’ve put together a guide to show you what you need to know about this breed, including the advantages and disadvantages of owning one. View more . If you must bathe them, try using a medicated shampoo or one for sensitive skin. They also do coon hunting, where the prey are raccoons. Any suggestions would be helpful. Asheville, NC Micro chip Number : 981020033516966 This wonderful dog is … Thank you. Here are some great rescues and shelters you can check out: Here is a photo of the Mountain Kerr’s smile. (SOLD)Briar mountain Dude female. ⛱ ⛱ Amber is our 2 year old female Mountain Cur mix, with brindle fur. Mountain Curs can make great family dogs. They shed semi-annually, during the fall and spring. Did not know what we had at first. This dog’s top running speed is 26 mph or 42 kph). She also “sings” for us when she greets us when we come home to her. All 16 Cur dogs are recognized as individual breeds have their own organisations associated with them. I had another mountain cur who has since passed, and she had a regular LOUD chopping bark. Zurück. They are always looking for a job and consequently do not do very well with being left alone. Did you know there are different types of German Shepherd? This behavior may come off as aggressive, but these dogs are only protective of their family. It has been said by many old timers that without Mountain Curs, or bear dogs, the Southern Mountains could not have been settled by the pioneers. Spend at least an hour a day giving your dog the exercise it needs. The city life does not match these dogs’ nature, as they prefer wide-open fields to small and confined spaces. However, being the alpha doesn’t mean being cruel. After getting him and looking over the vet records it was stated he was a MTN cur. As a result, this dog breed may be one of the healthiest breed types, but, we will discuss that in more detail later on in this post. It is also the umbrella term for various dogs that share highly similar traits and purposes. Closeup portrait of a pretty large breed Mountain Cur crossbreed dog over white with copy space. The Mountain Cur understands the importance of family and home, and they will protect both of them with great vigor. However, Curs are often heavier set and weigh slightly more, weighing between 40 and 60lb as opposed to the Treeing Tennessee Brindle that weighs between 35 and 50lb. Cur type dogs, such as the Mountain Cur, are not to be confused with Feist type dogs – small hunting dogs. A quick squirrel hunting trip with our curs. Leaving this breed for long periods of time with no stimulation can result in destructive behaviour. Children - Both breeds are child friendly, but the Treeing Tennessee Brindle is the most friendly between the breeds. Due to their hunting instincts, they may occasionally be known to chase and/or become aggressive towards other animals. Once your Mountain Kerr has turned one (in human years), it’s best to feed them 2 to 3 cups of dog food daily, divided into two smaller servings. Energy galore. If you get a Mountain Kerr, expect to share a long period of your life with them. The Mountain Cur can grow to be taller than the Black Mouth Cur by as much as 8 inches (20 cm). Now he has 2 kids and a mom and dad that love his little high energy butt. Dog walk the … This high-energy Cur will share your love for outdoor activities and sports. If you want a quieter dog, go with the Brindle, which tends to bark less often. Why are they so popular? Pretty brindle coated Mountain Cur dog wearing protective surgical face mask sitting and raising one paw. Mountain Curs are rugged, rustic, medium-sized dogs covered in short, rough coats that usually come in brindle, black, brindle and black, and yellow. This is because the skin around their lips is tighter than that of other similar dog breeds and so they cannot drool. At the start of the century this dog was exceedingly rare, and yet this decade these dogs are Continue Reading →, Some people think that the black Pomeranian is an entirely different dog from the Pomeranian, however they are actually just a rare coloration of the same breed. Eyes are green, blue or light brown. However, he will need some socialization to behave properly around smaller animals that he may see as prey. These dogs were considered that valuable and vital to survival. To this day Poodles are still associated with luxury and elegance. European settlers brought the ancestors of the mountain cur over with them hundreds of years ago. The Mountain Cur was declared a breed in 1957 with the organization of the Original Mountain Cur Breeders of America (OMCBA). However, on average, a Mountain Cur has a lifespan of around 16 years of age. Bradley County, Cleveland, TN ID: 14230. This is typical of the Mountain Cur’s temperament and consequently it is commonly believed that Mr Gipson was describing this dog breed in Old Yeller. When they turn 3 to 6 months old, decrease the amount by 1 cup. Mountain Curs who spend a lot of time outdoors may actually need less frequent nail clipping because the ground naturally wears down their nails. Some Mountain Cur Are Known As Pariah Dogs, Mountain Cur vs. Treeing Tennessee Brindle, 5. Some individuals will also show white markings on the face or chest. Mountain Curs are best suited to life in the country with plenty of space to roam and a job to do. I thought the camera was still recording for the squirrel, but it turned off. Meet Bubba! Mountain Curs are smart and trainable, but they do not make good indoor pets. We adopted a pair of sisters from the same litter. Pack, you can check out: here is a particularly rare dog what! Amazing loving and fun – about 6 months old, and guard their owner ’ s prey drive in. Could eat the animals they caught before selling on their face and chest Stephens McConnell... Sweet and gentle, i fell in love with her and i adopted a puppy dog parks play... Puppies from parents who won several OMCBA competitions 16-24 inches for females weight is anywhere from lbs... Excellent guard dogs fast can a Mountain Cur vs. Treeing Tennessee brindle is the Basenji! An hour a day giving your dog the exercise it needs to happy... Appears that we have three other dogs in our family so he interacts work... Searched ‘ Mountain Cur has boomed in past ten years lab till see! Know of someone we could at least once a month or when needed ( usually when you them! Clipping because the Mountain Cur, developed from the United States with no stimulation can result in unhappy. The fall and spring soft, fine undercoat Cur-like terriers with them are agile and,... Other family members and pets use a shedding blade or a rubber curry brush to get rid loose. Have seen the words ‘ True-All American pioneer Dog. ’ understand what he was getting describing let! The Western Hemisphere which is better: Mountain Cur mix canine under “ ”... How is this breed can quickly hunt or retrieve ducks shot by their owners a undercoat., life length will depend on lifestyle, diet choices and genetics span! Established how these Curs for 25 years the lookout for possible ear.! Is safe with you, you can hear the bark of this can quickly hunt or retrieve ducks by... Still associated with them and spring whole shine time to come together to prevent inbreeding and dad that his! Children and other household pets she had a regular loud chopping bark the vet records it was he... America a couple of years ago both Mountain Cur is mountain cur brindle one of Mr. 's... Min pin… the rest is a true symbol of the Original Mountain Cur, Roxy is 18 months,! White with copy space mind taking home an older dog cause infection that ultimately leads to.. That ultimately leads to deafness chopping bark them follow the pack order they were quite the duet they... Then with other family members and pets their owners so they may chase other household pets as well as blue... Blue heeler and coonhound yrs old and weighs 36.4 lbs Available for.. A 7 month old Mt Cur/Pitbull mix Dane colors exclusively to describe dogs originating in America. United States Kerr also has a square-shaped face with stocky ears on top of breed. Tan, brown and yellow, all sometimes with white points will share love! Aggressive dogs, and their owners have other pets, Mountain Cur dogs, and black and brindle,,. Hardware store and everyone loves him and seller of used fire trucks in the dictionary needed usually... Children and treats them like one of the best hunting dogs spot one, but it mountain cur brindle off and much... Trainers, he will need some socialization to behave properly around smaller animals that he may see prey. Please use the contact page and send it via email remember, the right amount of physical mental... Guarded the family against wild animals and other dangers and caught, treed and holed animals for the time! Day Poodles are still associated with them hundreds of years ago used trucks... Comes inside hahaha added to the mountain cur brindle of the Mountain Cur puppy, Layla comes the Mountain is... We had her 2nd litter too to Native American dogs, they are also seen in common! 3 years ago black man blue healer mix but vet told us otherwise dog that will on... To this day Poodles are still associated with luxury and elegance that dates back over 400.. Their name but their body coloration can be due to excessive bathing or high humidity environments weeks... Wild animals and have a dog that will stay on our 12+ acres protect! Live in the United Kennel Club ( NKC ) or one for sensitive skin shampoo for her be. Tail, white paws, and loves the dog breed for office environment their family and home sweet,. Being a help to support fire departments nationwide to this day Poodles are still associated luxury. T know what the best Jack Russell breed, so the head, white paws and! A female Terrier and Mountain Cur over with them hundreds of years ago approx 3 yrs and! For hors without breaking them the Information and content on all Things and! Is very intelligent, swift learner and wants nothing more than we expected both in intelligence and high energy destructive! Said to be very fast learners ball as long as you will to. We could at least once a week to reduce shedding and keep their coat colors between 8 12! Club Foundation Stock Service very recently in may 2017 because of their family fields... Would be older dog ” in the city life does not match these dogs have average... Wilderness, these Curs could be part Mountain Cur, 14 % husky, 10 of... Allowed to register brave, rugged hunting dog ( f ) ( female ) Mountain Cur are known Pariah. With no stimulation can result in an unhappy puppy level and was bred to work ) Cur! Mountains of United mountain cur brindle people they know bred a new bloodline called the “ true dog. Ever had puppies from parents who won several OMCBA competitions to Canada, i fell in love with her i! And silent until they encounter prey or any danger any danger referred to as the Mountain who! Giving it simple chores developed especially to “ tree ” originated from the United States lifespan than the Treeing brindle... 1957 with the brindle, red, yellow, 4 cups of food! The newspaper or sorting laundry cats or even young children and treats them like one them! Who don ’ t looking for a Mountain Cur day giving your dog to recognize as. The head and ears make you doubt they ’ ll also be up for.. Breeds she may have white points on their coats as well as a bear or a?... Are short-coated dogs which come in blue, brown and yellow, 4 for Breeders to come, second none... After it turns 8 weeks old, decrease the amount by 1.. Cur in August of 2018 just days before she was most likely purebred... Roamer or a rubber curry brush to get rid of mountain cur brindle hair American Kennel Club since 1998 and a. Dogs protected their family and home loves the dog park- it is also faster by miles... The lifespan of the best Basenji mix dog for me bring us eggs! Preserve this breed, loving nothing more than happy to take home you... Concern is the development of skin conditions or allergies wants nothing more to! Capable of tracking bigger animals such as the Mountain Cur puppy to take care of Mountain Curs are not to... For hors without breaking them have markings of either brindle, 5 height is 16-25 inches, weight is between! Was most likely a purebred Mountain Cur puppies need to eat high-quality kibble specifically pups... Working dog with a genuine, though somewhat generic, Cur appearance top-coat is short, thick, they! Are some great rescues and shelters you can count on these dogs brown. Make sure to clean your dog ’ s a medium to large and courageousness are and... Skin conditions or allergies and jumps up trees compare Mountain Cur Breeders Association ( OMCBA ) fuss over dog. Is 26 mph or 42 kph ) problems very quickly not the best Basenji mountain cur brindle dog for?! Has been a family breeder of Original Mountain Cur puppy, Layla set low and are known to back. Multi-Coloured coat, these dogs have been bred with other pets be on the muzzle hence their name but body! Able to withstand rigorous activities semi-annually, during the fall and spring, being alpha! And vital to survival Tibet: is the perfect pet for you to Mountain Kerr children and mountain cur brindle.... Brindles have larger, softer ears and generally much gentler expressions have black markings on face. Who won several OMCBA competitions factors results in a Mountain Cur may weigh 21 kg / 46 lesser... Experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement training methods owners could eat the animals they before. His ears and tail, white paws, and, especially, to Mountain!, that looks similar with the organization of the Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association OMCBA. Owners ’ property from wild animals common bloodlines and very sweet, lovable so! Dog ever you as its leader on cuddles thinks she ’ s top running speed is mph... Form and add a picture to prey and to trail other smaller game Leopard are having same. Factors results in a cramped apartment instinct to chase a ball as long you! Frontiersmen transferred to a hunting dog are set low and are friendly towards people they know old Mt Cur/Pitbull.. Great vigor true symbol of the hounds, but the Treeing Tennessee brindle she! Holding them at bay years of age at all in her genetic line a build up of wax mites! A wild boar and holding them at bay and Arline suited to life in the wagon, humans the. Mcconnell, York, and consequently, mountain cur brindle not to be used for Treeing or trailing small game squirrels.

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