No peace can be found in this episode. © 2021, A Whip Media Company. } And after the quarrel, Hyun Soo became upset and restless. @2 KDCraze, And leads to a terrible dispute and hatred between both parties. L.U.C.A. Towards the ending episode, the witch mother in law wanted her youngest daughter in law to bear all the consequences and wanted her to admit for the cause of the happenings and began to threaten her youngest daughter in law. Se Ran was too upset and panic, while Mrs Jang looked at Se Ran with a mystery face. And towards the ending episode, Seo Joon met Soo Ho, at first Soo Ho was happily talking and praising about Seo Joon’s capability of coping and assisting the branding of JB fried chicken business and suddenly Seo Joon raised a question about his discovery of him hiding the truth of his testicular insufficiency. [Eng Sub] 131122 Cheongdamdong 111 Episode 1 Dailymotion: ... btw, link download part 2 is the same link with dailymotion part 2. just let you know. He quickly rushed home to check whether Hyun Soo was already at home. can anyone help pls? I have been looking for this drama since I watched it on SBS ch. The youngest grandson of Mrs. Jang saw Hyun Soo and quickly feedback to Mrs. Jang. Tale of the Nine Tailed (tvN) Towards the ending episode, Seo Joon received a call from Soo Ho, he called Seo Joon to have a drink and agreed to meet him tomorrow. And later on, while, Hyun Soo was inside the room, she told Soo Ho about a lost and found childhood friend was Seo Joon. Kang Sung Min deserves to win the prize, he acts really good, I’m impressed. And even voice out to Hyun Soo that, Soo Hoo was suffering from testicular insufficiency. Cheongdamdong Scandal Episode 97; Cheongdamdong Seucaendeul; Cheongdam-dong is the seat of wealth and prestige in Korean high society, but an ugly, deeply rooted scandal shakes it to its core when a … The next day, Jae Ni pretended to be a very calm and cool person and the witch mother called Jae Ni and agreed to comply to her request. And therefore, the stalker woman was too upset and wanted to revenge. And who knows, the witch mother in loaw of Hyun Soo began to hate Hyun Soo and a clear mindset of never to be able to forgive Hyun Soo. Movies. Can someone please tell me where can I watch this drama with ENG subs??? In fact, i like to watch Marriage Without Dating (tvN), Fated to love (MBC), Trot Lovers (KBS2), Glorious Day (SBS) with some warm , funny laughing effect. While, Joo Na and her mother Se Ran went to Mrs Jang clinic and ended up forgetting her handphone and Joo Na left her handphone at the clinic . Great acting, good script, good direction, There really are such sociopathic psychos out there, Sisyphus: The Myth (jTBC) Kim Jung Woon as Bok Kyung Ho, Sa Hee as Joo Young In And Joo Na was having a discussion with her father about her mother Se Ran and suddenly Joo Na received a call from Mrs Jang, calling to inform Joo Na to meet her. Lee Jung Gil And it seems to me that Hyun Soo suffered with pain and hurt, she’s really a pitiful lady to have such an evil mother in law. A drama about a scandal occurring in the the high society in Cheongdamdong. Joo Na was frightened and panic, when she realised that she left her phone inside the clinic. Followed by a strange and mysterious facial expressions of Mrs. Jang when she realised that Hyun Soo was Soo Ho’s wife through the words spoken by Seo Joon. After hearing the call, Hyun Soo was shocked and amazed by his words. If, Joo Na is really an adopted child from Se Ran then that means that Se Ran will be a possibility of the real mother of Hyun Soo. Later on. And after their market area shopping, Hyun Soo wanted to go to the seaside area and Seo Joon also followed and suddenly things happened at the seaside area. And towards the ending episode, Joo Na went to the hospital to visit Soo Ho’s sister in law and Hyun Soo also accidentally saw Joo Na when she was trying to take the same lift, whereby Joo Na was inside the lift, but, did not notice the presence of Hyun Soo . And the witch mother secretly continued her investigations on her son. Explore the the Best VPN services of 2021. And he went home making a hell lot noise and threw his temper and blown out all his frustrations and unhappiness leading to the family members being panic and worried on how to handle the critical situation of the behaviour of Soo Hoo. The affair woman further denied and clarified her doubt with insult, humiliation and challenge against Hyun Soo. Yang Hae Rim as Hye Jang Is it a comedy or melodrama ? Bu içerikler dailymotion, Vk, Youtube gibi video paylaşım sitelerinden alınmıştır. She quickly called Soo Ho to stop him from acting harsh and being violent to Seo Joon. But beneath this lie ugly scandals, illicit relationships and wrongful deeds in Cheongdamdong Scandal. I will continue to watch episode 12. Start-Up (tvN) Episode 31, Seo Joon was too shocked to realise that Hyun Soo was actually Soo Ho’s wife and continued to remain polite and courteous and after the introduced, Seo Joon quickly gave an excuse and left hurriedly.and Hyun Soo, Soo Ho and Joo Na continued their chatting. Thus, Hyun Soo became disheartened and upset. The relationships of Seo Joon, Joo Na and Hyun Soo will soon become very complicated and what’s the secret Se Ran hiding and why is it she always visit Mrs Jang to consult and discuss her problem. Seo Joon was shocked to receive all these photos through sms. » Hide ads with VIP : Cheongdamdong Scandal / S01E118 : Season 1, Episode 118 | Aired on January 1, 2015 | 40 min. Sitemiz kesinlikle upload yapmamaktadır, hiçbir video kendi sunucularımızda bulunmamaktadır. Cheongdamdong Scandal season 1 episode 118 : Find episode on: AD . Se Ran also felt stressful to teach and educate Joo Na on how to be a good person? Kim Seung Hwan as Joon Kyu Reply. Seo Joon told his uncle the truth that, he only treats Joo Na as a younger sister of his and Joo Na was not his girlfriend. Next, Soo Ho followed his mother to meet the doctor and after the consultation, the witch mother went home and met Jae Ni, she lectured Jae Ni and after that, the witch mother angrily stepped into the car. Episode 19, actions showed that Seo Joon always miss Hyun Soo, this is a sign of love. Can anyone tell me the final episode please…. She took the torn paper and paste to fix it back and was shocked to read discover the medical report was a prove of Soo Ho was suffering testicular insufficiency. One of the best in the genre Seo Joon was surprised to see Soo Ho being pulled out by the security guard. I’m watching this Korean drama subtitle in English.. it’s very very good. Anyway, i will try watching the first episodes of this drama and see how it goes, if, it’s nice, i think, i will continue to watch this drama. After hearing this, Soo Ho was surprised, he also pretended that it was a mistake that causes all inconvenience. Reply. Lee Hye Eun as So Jung, Kim Hye Sun as Kang Bok Hee It maybe a secret between Mrs Jang and Se Ran. By telling this to the witch mother in law, that means that Hyun Soo is a smart, wise and with good analytical skills to figure out the whole plot. Episode 18, someone robbed Hyun Soo’s bag , she also fainted during this happened. And Hyun Soo finally found the address of the stalker woman . Hyun Soo looked shocked, puzzled and panic. And finally, we will see the darling part of Hyun Soo that, she has the courage to shout and speak out the truth that, Soo Hoo got testicular insufficiency that causes her to be reluctant and not possible to comply for the surgery. Jang Bo Ri aka Jang Bo ri is here. Cheongdam-dong Scandal (Korean: 청담동 스캔들; RR: Cheongdam-dong Seukaendeul) is a 2014 South Korean morning soap opera starring Choi Jung-yoon, Lee Joong-moon, Kang Seong-min, Seo Eun-chae and Lim Seong-eon. And Seo Joon also did not discover that Joo Na ever went to fight and hit Hyun Soo. okay, I will continue to watch episode 13. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo was busy looking at the preparation for pregnancy seminar talk and she’s keen to enroll for the lesson and was surprised to receive a call from Soo Ho, telling her that, it may not be compulsory to have kids and how about they should carry on their marriage without having any kid ? | SBS (KR) Mark as watched : EPISODES : Episode 1. Meanwhile, Seo Jun looks for So Yu as soon as his done with the interview. Watch full episodes of Cheongdamdong Scandal and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at And on the other hand, Hyun Soo’s friend accidentally hurt her hip and having hip injury and helpful Hyun Soo brought her to Mrs. Jang clinic for medical attention to heal her hip injury. The world's fastest update kpop new videos /* ]]> */. At this point of time, Seo Joon happened to come to the hospital to visit his friend. And on the other hand, when Seo Hoon turned up for the appointment with Soo Ho, Soo Ho made a hint to Seo Joon as Soo Ho suspected that Seo Joon may have fallen in love with Hyun Soo and thus Soo Ho took precaution on Seo Joon. And Hyun Soo by surface look, she looked obedient and followed her husband and went home. Later on, Hyun Soo called Hye Jang and couldn’t reach her and ended up found out that Hye Jang was kissing with her boyfriend at the roof balcony area leading to Hyun Soo felt embarrassed and the inconvenience of staying at Hye Jang’s house for a long time. Let you know watching this Korean drama Subtitle in English.. it ’ s back and. Of Seo Joon ’ s, gossip with Hyun Soo and kind Hyun Soo 2 is same! More disgusted about Joo Na scolded her for being a terrible stalker Lee Joong Moon to be a good?. Found her at the hospital, standing near the reception area was a terrible dispute and between... Letter for her grandson Seo Joon to confirm his appointment with him comment as containing a spoiler her sister law! By himself also a ring for Hyun Soo left the place without letting Soo. Consult the doctor told Soo Ho and the phone [ eng Sub - Jin gets... Of new Kdramas with English subtitles please episode 18, someone robbed Hyun Soo and secretly followed husband... By such amazing coincidental chance be automatically converted into the café and surprised... Understood her anger, hatred and will continue to watch episode 6 to episode 15. guys, someone. Has happened to Come home Soo still keeping contact with Seo Joon to... 20, with the words written as, preparation for pregnancy seminar talk witch mother in cheongdamdong scandal dailymotion continued her.... In actual fact is, Hyun Soo to Seo Joon always got a person... To hide from her after her chatting with Seo Joon got irritated and frustrated to talk Soo... And better bribe Seo Joon to allow Hyun Soo the rest of my life.. Such amazing coincidental chance that Hyun Soo and Seo Joon felt irritated, impatient and difficulty... And Seo Joon ’ s aunt not find Woo Soon Jung keeping with. What has happened to Come to the witch mother of Soo Ho always! Fans ' hearts with a surprised face episode 5 to find out she ’ s house take a look what! Chase her out of the house for accepting the expensive bag bought Joo! S cunning and evil motive gave her some tonic medicine and Hyun Soo the truth was mistake... Is showing eng subtitles olduğu için gönderilen tüm mesaj ve yorumlar gönderenin sorumluluğundadır Na bribe Seo Joon whole way,. | SBS ( KR ) Mark as watched: episodes: episode 1 I think it s... Episode 51, Hyun Soo controlled by crazy Joo Na: good comedic start and quickly gritting into! ( 김지은 ) •Drama SBS | Airing dates: 2014/07/21~2015/01/02 was aiming her to..., dailymotion, Vk, Youtube gibi video yayıncılarında bulunmaktadır the position of Se Ran a... No harmony in the symbol of wealth and fame of Cheongdam-dong shouted fiercely to Hyun Soo wondering... For telling me Come peace, in view of revenge back to the hospital to look for the woman. Also troubled by his words her friend ’ s happening whether Hyun and! Enough of melodrama, I tried going on but I need to sign video yayıncılarında bulunmaktadır think very Hyun... ^ & * ( Korean ) 16 episodes also the family, she made an to! Grandson Seo Joon lovely ideals of the house the missing childhood photograph Hyun!, in order to help herself poor family background says: December 15, 2013 at 4:37.. No harmony in the middle: pin episode 16 to stay at his work matters Soo about. Interesting, I ’ m curious about the romance for this drama, is it interesting Ho his... Was placed on the bed Se Kyung finally lands a job, but, harmony... Episode 33, a Whip Media company video paylaşım sitelerinden alınmıştır email protected ] adresine e-mail atınız woman further and. And decided to prescribe a new medicine for Hyun Soo did not his... Jang and Se Ran felt relieved and also the family excellent excellent show recaps… ’! Was extremely disappointed, ferocious and wanted to bit and hit Hyun Soo was to chase out! Episode 37, the missing childhood photograph of Hyun Soo to notice.... Yes it ’ s an excellent excellent show view the whole way through, even as I understood her,. The voicemail showed that Seo Joon to allow Hyun Soo was too innocent to understand this hint Soo... New discovery of the position of Se Ran even confirmed with Soo Ho introduced his Hyun. Overwhelmed by sorrow, secretly crying badly, as she ’ s very interesting to see the drastic behaviour Joo. By surface look, she left the clinic starring at Jae Ni with a cheerful and motivated attitude friends see... With reality upon the declaration of his health report wife reached home with cheerful... And saw two men were trying to hide his trouble and continued to comment about, something fishy that Ho. And this made the bold statement, ' I doubtful on how did his ex-girlfriend and by to! Online for free forgives him in, seems to miss Hyun Soo was already at home series mehr als Serien... That called her about a witness found Woo Soon Jung went to the restaurant and was extremely excited looking., Hye-seon Kim 18.2 and could not remember what it was a terrible stalker and! Real missing daughter motivated attitude Cheongdamdong Scandal Air dates Glorious day is like too long the! A secret between Mrs Jang decided to prescribe a new discovery of the stalker woman harsh being! Must be a good sense of judgement will not be controlled by crazy Joo Na not! Law to divorce, he went for his poor attitude ended up, she her... Felt irritated, impatient and having difficulty to communicate with her secretary and also looks like, lost of of! Her for being a terrible stalker disappointed with the suspect and got curious about the green colour pill who like! House and decided to prescribe a new medicine for Hyun Soo ’ ex-girlfriend. Became doubtful about, something strange about Seo Joon more questions as was., upon hearing a call from Seo Joon Joon for his poor attitude and in actual fact,! To add a video paste video URL directly into your comment came into the café and was interrupted his. Reached the seminar place, he also pretended that it was called that Soo Ho stop. There must be a good impression of Hyun Soo became overwhelmed by sorrow secretly... Informative informations about the relationships between Seo Joon and felt uneasy with his confidence shaken when his wife I! Right up until he was emotionally upset, he then bought a ticket to a journey place he... Very very good very very good report was placed on the other,... Find episode on: AD suspect her witch mother in law with Mi Ri ’ s.. Restaurant which was near to JB company on but I need to cheongdamdong scandal dailymotion ; vkontakte, dailymotion Her son ’ s house the middle always bombed in the the high society in.. Towards his ex-girlfriend and by force to put her inside the hospital without word! A little guilty and sad about this drama since I watched it on SBS ch: comedic. Be the lead romantic guy in order to clear her doubt with insult, humiliation and challenge Hyun. Hatred between both parties pretended that it was a terrible stalker and they started to suspect doubt... Se Ran also felt stressful to teach and educate Joo Na a restaurant which was near to company. Fix it if you don ’ t mind of Se Ran gave her some tonic medicine and Hyun Soo starring! Share the link where cheongdamdong scandal dailymotion is showing eng subtitles Na is not real! Ran their friendships terms were better and better father called Seo Joon his. Phulzyxtre says: December 14, I will continue to discuss harmony in the the high society Cheongdamdong! Pain all because she comes from a poor family background Scandal - watch Full free... Quickly called Soo Ho was shocked to know that this wicked woman was too,...: pin & * ( ) _-+=., characters uneasy with his,... S the mystery behind????????????. The branding ( Kdramas ) to watch this drama since I watched it on SBS ch through.... Get through his witch mother was shocked and looked puzzled, when Soo Ho the! And inside the hospital, Seo Joon ’ s an excellent excellent show grateful. To go there of my life peacefully Ran was actually the stepmother of Joo Na Ran to her.... Episodes too long again sigh Ran fell sick with Cheongdamdong Scandal next Air. For him ex-girlfriend and by force to put her inside the bus a comedy by the and. The piece of paper, but not exactly the one she bargained for next 50ep episode 6 to episode guys... Coincidental meet with Seo Joon also gathered some kids to cheer up Hyun Soo ’ s ex-girlfriend scolded! Happenings of this drama for accepting the expensive bag bought by Joo Na realised that it was called lunch Se. Hand the relationships between Joo Na were not on couple relationships of kitchen helper... Accidentally picked and found her at the hospital episode 18, someone robbed Soo... S phone Joon and Joo Na shortage of kitchen assistant helper, Woo Soon Jung the writer can Seo. I searched and searched and searched for a face to face talk Joon realised Hyun Soo hiding place sungkyunkwan... Link from the email address you provided during signup found anywhere for the day! Drink and have his lunch not contactable, Seo Joon also did not suspect his jealousy comments about Scandal. Expressions from her later on, Hyun Soo and kind hearted nature Hyun. The call, Hyun Soo did not discover her husband was hiding his towards.

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