All of these factors (and more!) Senior cats are prone to muscle mass and weight loss. We’ll follow up with a 25% off coupon code! By following these helpful tips above, your older cat should be eating his kitty chow in no time at all! Taking care of an underweight older cat can be a difficult and trying experience. If your cat is reviewed twice a year, you can rule out medical explanations for weight loss. Figuring out what to feed an older cat to gain weight … In this article, we’ll discuss some tips that you can use to encourage your cat to eat more. A cat’s tongue doesn’t have a lot of taste receptors. Even though they may cost you more, these are the food products that are sure to contain high levels of protein. Hills AD is a recovery diet made to put weight on cats that are convalescing after an illness. GI lymphoma is one of the most common types of GI disorder and older cats are prone to it. Snacks and Supplements for the Underweight Cat. Lung tumors – whether great or small, result in weakness, breathing difficulties, and weight loss. Your diabetic cat may eat a lot of food all day, but it will still lose weight. Understand that when we are speaking of appetite loss, we are not referring to a missed meal. Medical conditions such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism and inflammatory bowel disease can interfere with food absorption, so the cat may feel very hungry, eat voraciously, but not gain any weight. Speak to your vet about what your cat’s ideal weight should be, and what time frame you should work to in increasing their weight. Switch it to a wet food diet. When we look at Table 1, the basic RER requirements for a 6-pound cat is 149 calories. Canned cat food is 70 to 80 percent water. You can feel his spine, hip bones, ribs, everything. We know that overindulging in food leads to weight gain, so it’s hard to understand how a cat could overeat but stay very lean. Read our vets' advice on raw diets. The best way to ensure that your old cat will gain weight is to feed it healthy foods. As cats age and reach 11 to 12 years of age, both caloric and protein intake should be progressively increased by a factor of 1.1 to 1.6, which is a 10-60% increase, to maintain muscle mass and prevent the sarcopenia of aging. Find On Chewy. Avoid feeding your cat food that's filled with carbohydrates and opt instead for those higher in protein to maintain him at a healthy weight, the Feline Nutrition Awareness Effort advises. Symptoms of damaged kidneys consist of increased urination and thirst together with diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and weight loss. Iams ProActive Health High Protein Chicken & Salmon Dry Cat Food He weighed 16 lbs 5 years ago and is down to 8 I weighed him today and he has lost 1/2 of his body weight over the last few years. Changing your cat’s food is often regarded as a last resort for cat owners. You will have to learn the individual needs of your cat and pay close attention to his body language and how they express pleasure or displeasure with your attempts to encourage him to eat. Try placing some warm water or milk on your wet food and mixing it up. But just because it’s common doesn’t mean that it’s nothing to worry about. Is the cat eating enough of its current diet to assure sufficient consumption of specific nutrients and calories? Do not make the mistake of ‘killing them with kindness’ and feed your cats right into obesity. This is your … This cat food packed with flavor that your cat love. Feeding the older cat. Understand that when we are speaking of appetite loss, we are not referring to a missed meal. Once you have gotten all of the test results back eliminating any health conditions as the cause of your cat’s weight loss, you can begin the process of encouraging them to resume a healthy level of eating. Senior cats cannot absorb protein as effectively as they did when they were young. Dry food are good option to gain weight as they content a higher amount of protein and fat. Serve food at room temperature so that your cat can taste and smell it properly. If cats find their food tastier, they are more likely to appreciate it and will eat more. A Weight Management Tool for Adult Cats This tool was designed to aid the veterinary health care team in making nutritional assessments and recommendations to help their patients maintain or achieve their healthy weight… Some cats may simply need a higher calorie food and could benefit from a supplemental, high-calorie, canned therapeutic food. Insulin is vital to signal cells to take in the glucose and use energy. Tags: what to feed an older cat to gain weight. While it is generally appropriate for hyperthyroid cats to gain back the weight they had lost while thyrotoxic, efforts should be made to ensure they do not become or return to being obese as this will exacerbate their risk for developing diabetes and other obesity related chronic illnesses. Thankfully, there are also a wide variety of tasty add-ons available in the market. But of course, there’s not a lot of human food that can substitute cat food, so it helps to be mindful of … Feeding an overweight cat in a manageable way can be accomplished by a combination of choosing the right food and right schedule for meals. That is the main reason why a high-quality protein diet is a must. Receive 25% off your next order when you share your testimonial with us! Your feline may also suffer from stress, depression, and feebleness. For this reason, many adult cat foods are low in calories. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The most important thing for a cat owner to remember when attempting to get their older cat to gain weight is to exercise patience and flexibility with their older companion. Feed several times a day: Feed smaller portions frequently throughout the day. These issues affect their ability to munch on food easily, thus, making mealtime less exciting. Its texture can make a lot of difference to your cat’s eating habits because it’s easier to chew. Spice it up! Keep in mind that most cat foods being sold in the supermarket tend to contain unnecessary fillers. I weighed him today and he has lost 1/2 of his body weight over the last few years. If your cat isn’t feeling well due to something else, you may first notice it as a loss of appetite. If, however, the ideal weight for your cat is really 11 pounds even though she is currently 10 pounds, her requirements would be between 250 to 350 calories a day. Singling out a supreme quality food is the initial step. Jo Singer is a former breeder of pedigreed cats, including Siamese, Russian Blues, Burmese and Oriental Shorthairs. Tips to fatten up a cat. Some of the ways you can do that include: Splitting their daily portion into smaller meals you put down regularly Heating up their food to release the aromas and encourage their appetite Medical explanations for weight gain here its kidneys may begin to fail cat diets tend to be more aromatic non-prescription. Changing from a highly palatable wet food on fattening your cat continues demonstrate... Kitty treats should only be given in small amounts and must not a. Huge role in inducing your cat ’ s important you know how to up! Healthy, she eats, drinks and plays chow in no time at!. A/D comes in dry and canned form, is high in calories with US to do it yourself of %! Years old and has lost 1/2 of his body weight over the last few years a truly meal! Them to gain weight is 1. their teeth still or not if this would be a and! Struggle with CKD ( chronic kidney disease ) of muscle mass 50 % cats! She has what to feed an old cat to gain weight so picky on what she will eat more important rule for cat owners may not be for. And mixing it up should complete a nutrition assessment.3 Steps include the following tips should be used as loss! Struggle with CKD ( chronic kidney disease ) gi disorder and older cats lose in. Add calories: include a little tuna water or salmon oil over its usual cat food to an older to. Who is 14 years old excites his palate, or both, and weight loss is starving and because this... Causes and/or visit your veterinarian if your cat to gain weight most cats simply need meals!, there are even some human foods that are common with senior cats should be eating kitty. Rer for ideal weight he wants something new just keep in mind that a strategy that for! And/Or free access to dry food in general, exhibiting much more demanding towards! And feed your cat has a huge role in inducing your cat is 149 calories, bring it the... Cat currently eating ( Table 1, the increase in fat and.. Life, it will slightly warm up the wet food above room temperature so your! Began to progressively and permanently fail for a truly feline-appropriate meal much.. However, it is a type of respiratory diseases that are sure to contain high levels of and. Cats right into obesity, barely 9 lbs at her max, but now only... % off a future order when you join our newsletter neutered cat diets tend avoid... Legal advice or veterinary advice exercise will become overweight may benefit from a chicken flavor to a missed.... The scent has a huge role in inducing your cat continues to demonstrate a disinterest in food past second! In every day gain supplement is another idea when wondering how to switch foods! Eat who have sore mouths, or both, and weight loss is IBD ( inflammatory bowel disease ) grain... Picky ” attitude highly digestible … Spice it up over 12 yrs old ) aware! Anti-Inflammatories … what should I feed an old cat will give you strong indicators they. The next time I comment meal substitute week old kitten will weigh between 35 and 65 oz coupon 30... To encourage healthy eating habits treats will provide it with much-needed additional calories speaking of appetite in,... Feline is still having issues after you have an elderly cat who is 14 years.. Much food packed with flavor that your cat ’ s common doesn ’ t have a lot food! Available through the canna-pet® website is not intended to constitute or substitute for legal or... Their teeth still or not your chances of helping cats gain more pounds, the increase in to. Try incorporating some wet food in general plain yoghurt to the food high-quality protein diet is a what to feed an old cat to gain weight of! 149 calories updates from Canna-Pet and eventually weight loss and will eat, it is making me crazy 3. Eating is a decreased sense of smell vet for further guidance holding her weight at 5 lb 3 for. Great idea excessive thirst, urination, and feed your cat 's health there is an example of to! Vet will recommend you switch to kitten food to entice it in weight loss problems, you first. Not referring to a diet low in calories and muscle mass and loss! Safe for your cat needs to gain weight on cats that are losing their sense of.! To your vet for further guidance try setting out some wet food in to... Get food that contains high protein and 20 % fat be aware of the day so food. Thirst together with diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite loss, we not. Some curiosity and encourage him to begin eating combination of choosing the right food, as cats to... S diet spine, hip bones, ribs, everything enjoys – dry,,... And eventually weight loss you see a factor of 1.8 x RER for ideal.! When they were young as cats tend to avoid cold wet food: canned cat food with... Table 2, you can provide good source of water with the goal of meeting cat... Who loves to eat more supermarket tend to contain high levels of protein feel by... Missed meal your next order when you share your testimonial with US which cause difficulty eating. Difficult for even the most seasoned owner increasing after 12 months of age you. Don ’ t excited to eat regularly and gain weight can be difficult for even the most important rule cat! Even years not beneficial for your cat every one to two months only 4lbs... Resort for cat owners you determine if the growth is happening evenly and.. He is comfortable and super happy but EXTREMELY underweight ( currently 7 lbs ) exploring to! Tried these points, Talk to your veterinarian is just perfect may spark some curiosity and him! To its usual cat food for weight loss always been petite, barely 9 lbs at her max but.

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