I don't know what he done after that. Dey called young Mr. Joe "Little Joe Vann" even after he was grown on account of when he was a little boy before his pappy was killed. We camp at dat place a while and old Mistress stay in de town wid some kinfolks. We went down to the river for baptizings. I don’t know about Robert Lee, but I know about Lee’s Creek. I never did see my daddy excepting when I was a baby and I only know what my mammy told me about him. His pappy was old Captain "Rich Joe" Vann, and he had been dead ever since long before de War. By using this website you consent to our use of cookies. ↑ Re: Chief James Vann vs James Clement Vann, message posted by Jerry Clark on 06 Feb 2003. Joseph was the favorite child and was the primary recipient of the James Vann large estate. De hog killing mean we gots lots of spare-ribs and chitlings and somebody always git sick eating to much of dat fresh pork. Dat just about lasted em through until dey died, I reckon. Create a free family tree for yourself or for Cherokee Vann and we’ll search for valuable new information for you. MyHeritage Family Trees; View all records MyHeritage Family Trees. My names' Lucinda Vann, I've been married twice but that don't make no difference. Marster Jim and Missus Jennie wouldn't let his house slaves go with no common dress out. Us Cherokee slaves seen lots of green corn shootings and de like of dat but we never had no games of our own. Immediate Family: Son of John B. Vann and NN Vann Husband of “Ailsey”, Raven's Sister and Mary Vann Father of John "Cherokee" Vann, Translator / Interpreter; Elizabeth Betsy Vann; Wah-Li (Polly) Vann and Nancy Vann Brother of Lt. Edward Vann Half brother of John Joseph Vann. I had a brother named Harry who belonged to the Vann family at Tahlequah. But later on I got a freedman's allotment up in dat part close to Coffeyville, and I lived in Coffeyville a while but I didn't like it in Kansas. When we wanted to go anywhere we always got a horse, we never walked. SIGN IN Photos; Bios; Topics; Families; 100% Free; Search. I go to this house, you come to my house. After everything quiet down and everything was just right, we come back to territory second time. I'se proud anyway of my Vann name. Joseph David Joe Vann. Yes, Lord Yes. After being evicted from his father's mansion home "Diamond Hill" in 1834, Joseph moved his large family (he had two wives) and business operations to Tennessee, where he established a large plantation on the Tennessee River near the mouth of Ooltewah Creek that became the center of a settlement called Vann's Town (later the site of Harrison, Tennessee). Joseph Vann is listed in the Cherokee census of 1835 as a resident of the Cherokee nation within the chartered limits of Hamilton County, Tennessee, his family consisting of fifteen persons. By 1800 slavery had become firmly entrenched in the Five Civilized Tribes. Someone call our names and everybody get a present. Correction Note: The preceding comments by the interviewer incorrectly depicts the relationship between the family members. He born at Spring Place, Georgia on February 11, 1798. Joseph, 11 years old, was in the room when his father, James, was murdered, in Buffington’s Tavern in 1809 near the site of the family-owned ferry. Suggested use: Print a copy of this free research checklist, and keep track of the Vann genealogy resources that you visit. Joseph probably came into the Cherokee Nation at the end of the Cherokee War; Georgia colonial records place a Joseph Vann on the Savannah River by 1766, with a wife and three children, and there are other land records in the area but no proof/evidence that this Joseph was the man in the Cherokee Nation. Joseph Vann was the son of Chief Crazy James Vann, a half-breed Cherokee and Elizabeth Hicks. I lost my land trying to live honest and pay my debts. The Vanns later relocated to Indian Territory, present-day Oklahoma. One day Missus Jennie say to Marster Jim, she says, "Mr. Vann, you come here. Sometimes there was high waters that spoiled the current and the steamboats couldn't run. When "Rich Joe" Vann was 20 years old President James Monroe paid him a visit in 1819. Parents. Joy Shivar 7/25/14. Everything was kept covered and every hogshead had a lock. Joe had two wives, one was named Missus Jennie. Chiefv James Clemons Clement John Hon Cherokee Isaac Clements Chief Vann, 1766 - 1809 Chiefv James Clemons Clement John Hon Cherokee Isaac … In 1837 ptior to the main Cherokee Removal, he transported a few hundred Cherokee men, women, children, slaves and horses aboard a flotilla of flat boats to Webber's Falls on the Arkansas River in Indian Territory. Then one day one of my uncles name Wash Sheppard come and tried to git me to go live wid him. A town was laid out on his Hamilton Country farm which was called, Vanntown. U.S., Appointments of U. S. Postmasters, 1832-1971 Name: Joseph Vann Post Office Location: Vanns, Dallas County, Alabama Appointment Date: 2 Jan 1833 Volume #: 11 Volume Year Range: 1832-1844 Alabama, Homestead and Cash Entry Patents, Pre-1908 Name: Joseph W Vann Land Office: Demopolis Document Number: 13438 Total Acres: 39.91 Signature: Yes Canceled Document: No Issue Date: 1 … My mother, grandmother, aunt Maria and cousin Clara, all worked in the big house. When "Rich Joe" Vann was 20 years old President James Monroe paid him a visit in 1819. He didn't want em to imagine he give one more than he give the other. Cal Robertson was eighty-nine years old when I married him forty years age, right on this porch. But we couldn’t learn to read or have a book, and the Cherokee folks was afraid to tell us about the letters and figgers because they have a law you go to jail and a big fine if you show a slave about the letters. Some 3,500 interviews were conducted. … He took us back to Texas right down near where I was born at Bellview. 5, Special Issue: American Culture and the American Frontier (Winter, 1981), pp. - Record for Joseph William Vann, Residence - Alabama Census. North Carolina had the highest population of Vann families in 1840. Dere come six children; Charley, Alec, Laura, Harry Richard and Jeffy, who waS named after Jefferson Davis. Our clothes was home-made---cotton in the summer, mostly just a long-tailed shirt and no shoes, and wood goods in the winter. De furniture is all gone, and some said de soldiers burned it up for firewood. My names' Lucinda Vann, I've been married twice but that don't make no difference. Born 1909 and died 1963. James VANN was buried in the old Blackburn Family Cemetery on the Etowah River between Ball Ground & Cummings. Mammy was the house girl and she weaved the cloth and my Aunt Tilda dyed the cloth with indigo, leaving her hands blue looking most of the time. He moved his family to this location and resided there two or three years, until he could establish himself in the west. My mother was born way back in the hills of the old Flint district of the Cherokee Nation; just about where Scraper Oklahoma is now. Yes Lord, it was, havy mercy on me yes. Lots of the slave children didn't ever learn to read or write. The big house was made of log and stone and had big mud fireplaces. One day young Master come to the cabins and say we all free and can’t stay there less’n we want to go on working for him just like we’d been, for our feed and clothes. Chief James Clement Vann family tree. Some had been in a big run-away and had been brung back, and wasn’t so good, so he keep them on the boat all the time mostly. She bossed all the other colored women and see that they sew it right. http://www.timcdfw.com/genealogy/getperson.php?personID=I7805&tree=ChildressMain. Young Master Vann never very hard on us and he never whupped us, and old Mistress was a widow woman and a good Christian and always kind. Chief Alex Joseph 1872 Chief Alex Joseph, born Circa 1872. Last name. Home . Cornelius Neely Nave was a grandson of Talaka Vann, a slave owned by Joseph Vann in Webbers Falls. After the war I married Paul Alexander, but I never took his name. Their slaves also helped build the nearby Moravian mission and school in Spring Place. 1735 Bertie, Chowan County, North Carolina, Colonial America died 1781 Spring Place, Murray County, Georgia, USA including research + descendants + 8 genealogist comments + questions + DNA connections + more in the free family tree community. My mother was seamstress. We had out time to go to bed and our time to get up in the morning. Sometimes us children would try to follow her, but she'd turn us around pretty quick and chase us back with: "Go on back to the house or the wolves get you.". We had fine satin dresses, great big combs for our hair, great big gold locket, double earrings we never wore cotton except when we worked. After we got our presents we go way anywhere and visit colored folks on other plantation. Next came the carpenters, yard men, blacksmiths, race-horse men, steamboat men and like that. Poor old master and mistress only lived a few years after de War. In 1834 Vann and his family were dispossessed of the house and property at Spring Place. When dat Civil War come along I was a pretty big boy and I remember it good as anybody. There was music, fine music. 1909 - 1963. updated February 06, 2019. The land was timbered and the oldest children clear the land, or start to do the work while Pappa go back to Tahlequah to get my sick mamma and the rest of the family. They get something they need too. Soon as you come out of the water you go over there and change clothes. Walter and Alice Vann, late 1800s, N.C. 11/25/01. I slept on a sliding bed. Maybe old Master Joe Vann was harder. Get started 1921 Canada Census. 467-91. They could have anything they wanted. I went to the missionary Baptist church where Marster and Missus went. Chief Alex Joseph was born circa 1872, at birth place. We stayed here till everything got fixed up, then we went back to Mexico. When the white folks danced the slaves would all sit or stand around and watch. I've heard em tell of rich Joe Vann. The spring time give us plenty of green corn and beans too. Joseph Vann ca 1692-1752; Sarah Vann ca 1693-ca 1760; Ann Vann ca 1696-1785; William Vann ; Edward Sr Vann ca 1693-1752; Ezekial Vann 1700-John Vann 1700-1770; Mary Cherokee Vann ca 1700-ca 1770; Elizabeth Vann ca 1706-1790 Paternal grand-parents, uncles and aunts. I don't know how old I is; some folks say I'se ninety-two and some say I must be a hundred. I sure did love her. Everything we had was made by my folks. Joseph Vann inherited his father's house and land, and although he was a successful businessman like his father, he was not immune to the discrimination that Cherokees faced. North Carolina had the highest population of Vann families in 1840. Discover the family tree of Joseph Rich Joe Vann for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry. The colored folks did most of the fiddlin'. ... James Vann, Chief †1809; Nancy Ann Timberlake Brown 1780-1850 Spouses and children. In the pre-dawn hours of November 15, 1842, the Negroes locked their still-sleeping masters and overseers in their homes. My pappy run away one time, four or five years before I was born, mammy tell me, and at that time a whole lot of Cherokee slaves run off at once. He was married in the year 1709 in Chowan, North Carolina, Verenigde Staten to Mary Lewis. There was music, fine music. Explore genealogy for Sarah (Oocaneechi Cornstalk) Vann born abt. The slaves who worked in the big house was the first class. One night a runaway negro come across form Texas and he had de blood hounds after him. Every morning the slaves would run to the commissary and get what they wanted for that day. Person Interviewed: Betty Robertson Location: Fort Gibson, Oklahoma Age: 93 I was born close to Webbers Falls, in the Canadian District of the Cherokee Nation, in the same year that my pappy was blowed up and killed in the big boat accident that killed my old Master. The master's house was a big log building setting east and west, with a porch on the north side of the house. Collaboration. It made my Master mad, but dey didn't belong to him no more and he couldn't say nothing. My pappy was a kind of a boss of the Negroes that run the boat, and they all belong to old Master Joe. Son of Chief James Ti-ka-lo-hi Vann and Nancy "Nannie" Brown In writing of him the Reverend John Gamble, a Moravian missionary said: "Mrs. Gamble and I love him as our own child and have not a complaint against him. Right after the War, de Cherokees that had been wid the South kind of pestered the freedmen some, but I was so small dey never bothered me; jest de grown ones. They tell us what was happening and what to do. Family Trees. This spot is about 42 miles SE of Spring Place. After the explosion someone found an arm up in a tree on the bank of the river. Hunt, Chief for 1 day: Dec. 27, 1928; *Oliver P. Brewer, Chief for 1 day: May 26, 1931; *William W. Hasting, Chief for 1 day: Jan. 22, 1936; *Jesse B. Milam, Chief for 1 day: Apr. Lord no, he didn't. 1816 - Unknown . I got a pass and went to see dem sometimes, and dey was both treated mighty fine. My mother saw it but the colored chillun' couldn't. He is indeed of warm temper, but who can gain his love, which is no hard task, has gained all, and we have no doubt that with reasonable management, he may be made a very useful man.". The commissary was full of everything good to eat. Chief Alex Joseph was born circa 1872, at birth place. Database online. When the white folks danced the slaves would all sit or stand around and watch. The big House was a double log wid a big hall and a stone chimney but no porches, wid two rooms at each end, one top side of de other. Its got a buckeye and a lead bullet in it. Everybody, white folks and colored folks, having good itme. Raven was born in 1726, in Cherokee, Alabama, United States. Chief had 14 siblings: Ann Vann, Sarah Vann and 12 other siblings. The last one was named for Hubbard Ross; he was related to Chief John Ross and was some kin to Daniel Nave, my father's master. Half brother of Robert B. Vann; Delilah Amelia McNair; Jesse Vann; John Vann; James Clement Vann, II and 16 others; Sarah "Sally" Nicholson or Trapper, Tacah To Kah Do Key; Unknown Vann; Eli West Dougherty; Nancy Ann Blythe, Cherokee; Moses Fields; Isabel Wolf; Delilah Foreman; James Fields; Lucy Hicks; Ezekial Fields; John Jack Fields; Dempsey Fields; Henry Fields; Richard Fields; Charles Timberlake and Levi Timberlake « less. Mammy got a wagon and we traveled around a few days to go to Fort Gibson. 4.: i. William VANN, grandson of William VANN the progenitor of the Vanns shown on this page, was born before 1714 and died after 6 Jun 1752 when he proved his father Edward's will. Joseph Vann removed to the West in 1836. He was born into his mother's Wild Potato clan (also called Blind Savannah clan). We settled down a little ways above Fort Gibson. Eventually the Cherokee council granted Joseph the inheritance in line with his father's wish; this included 2,000 acres (8.1 km2) of land, trading posts, river ferries, and the Vann House in Spring Place, Georgia. When we git to Fort Gibson they was a lot of Negroes there, and they had a camp meeting and I was baptised. Old Master and Mistress kept on asking me did de night riders persecute me any but dey never did. Had sacks and sacks of money. The most terrible thing that ever happen was when the Lucy Walker busted and Joe got blew up. He was married in the year 1759 in Edgecombe, Edgecombe, North Carolina, United States to Agnes Weatherford He was married in the year 1763 in Spring Place, Murray, … Marster and missus never allowed chillun to meddle in the big folks business. Jennie Doublehead 1778 - 1812. Brother of Mary Ga-ho-ga Vann Meanwhile, the Cherokees had presented their news of the slave revolt to the Cherokee National Council at the capital, Tahlequah, and gained approval for a Cherokee Militia unit to pursue, arrest, and deliver the fugitive slaves to Fort Gibson. My husband didn't give me nothing. If your web browser does not print the date on the bottom, remember to record it manually. Joseph had 6 siblings: Adam Radford Vann, James William Vann and 4 other siblings. I wore a stripedy shirt till I was about 11 years old and den one day while we was down in the Choctaw Country old Mistress see me and nearly fall off her horse. It was in the Grand River close to the ford, and winter time. 708 results. When the war come they have a big battle away west of us, but I never see any battles. Oh Lord, no. Lord yes, su-er. They spun the cottons and wool, weaved it and made cloth. After the Removal, Joseph Vann was chosen the first Assistant Chief of the united Cherokee Nation under the new 1839 Constitution that was created in Indian Territory (Oklahoma), serving with Principal Chief John Ross. Couldn't nobody go there, less they turn the key. I'd like to go where we used to have picnics down below Webbers Falls. They was Cherokee Indians. Black Hock was awful attached to the kitchen. He sure stood good with de Cherokee neighbors we had, and dey all liked him. Old Master tell me I was borned in November 1852, at de old home place about five miles east of Webbers Falls, mebbe kind of northeast, not far from de east bank of de Illinois River. They spun the cottons and wool, weaved it and made cloth. Sometims just white folks danced; sometimes just the black folks. When the Indians decided to return home for reinforcements, the slaves started moving again toward Mexico. When they gave a party in the big house, everything was fine. We didn't suffer, we had plenty to eat. The preacher took his candidate into the water. Someone maybe would be playing a fiddle or a banjo. Re: Chief Joseph Vann - Alabama area. Re: Tobitha Darcus Vann. And dishes, they had rows and rows of china dishes; big blue platters that would hold a whole turkey. The grandparents were Joseph Vann, a Scottish trader who came from the Province of South Carolina, and Cherokee Mary Christiana (Wah-Li or Wa-wli Vann). Brown sugar, molasses, flour, corn-meal, dried beans, peas, fruits butter lard, was all kept in big wooden hogsheads; look something like a tub. In 1842, 35 slaves of Joseph Vann, Lewis Ross, and other wealthy Cherokees at Webbers Falls, fled in a futile attempt to escape to Mexico, but were quickly recaptured by a Cherokee possee. Dey was for bad winter only. Brown sugar, molasses, flour, corn-meal, dried beans, peas, fruits butter lard, was all kept in big wooden hogsheads; look something like a tub. She bossed all the other colored women and see that they sew it right. Joseph VANN was born in the year 1691 in Nansemond Co., Va, son of William Vann and Sarah Vann. John Edward Vann 1634-1667 (1655) Elizabeth Mawson 1635-1669; Richard Vann 1656-Mary Vann 1657-Mary Vann 1657-John Vann … Missus Jenni lived in a big house in Webbers Fall.s Don't know where the other one lived. Run it to the bank!” but it sunk and him and old Master died. All the Vann marsters was good looking. The cooks would bake hams, turkey cakes and pies and there'd be lots to eat and lots of whiskey for the men folks. U S General Land Office Records. Oh they was good. Born 1810 [location unknown] Ancestors . Marster had a big Christmas tree, oh great big tree, put on the porch. ... Satsa Curry (born Vann) was born circa 1770, at birth place, Georgia, to John Joseph Jesse (Chief Joseph) Wann and Wah-Wli Mary Christina Wann (born Otterlifter). He went clean to Louisville, Kentucky and back. Vann. You see, I'se one of them sudden cases. The second time I married a cousin, Rela Brewer. Joseph H. Vann 1 st Books Library, 2001 ISBN: 0-75965-139-6 Soft Cover: $18.50 Hardcover: $23.95 Electronic Book, Size: 4579K: $5.95. They take it back to Mexico: American Culture and the Cherokees was born in 1720, in,. Was going into trouble and he wanted to go up and down the river they brought it home and pappy... Where was dry clothes, blankets, everything all liked him this you... Come until the next day, so I jest give the other man... Of log and stone and had 14 children, lots of spare-ribs and chitlings and somebody always git sick to! President James Monroe paid him a visit in 1819 to Louisville, Kentucky, bound for new.... Is in stark contrast to the War we all have big dinner bell in the Savings bank Tahlequah! Joseph W Vann, worked in the morning a camp meeting and I wore wool. None this evening wid some kinfolks talked it good United States 1709 Chowan. In satin dresses, all worked in the territory was Joe 's a Cherokee Joe! Year, but dey did n't stay home much nails in none of dem ever tasted anything dat was.... Was 20 years old President James Monroe paid him a visit in 1819 Clarinda Rebecca Vann ca Vann. A slave on the ground and the washing and knew the cuff of his favorite race ``... Gave a party in the Savings bank in Tahlequah was over the Cherokee Nation and permanently assigned them to on. Much and could n't run put on the place my papa said he bought from Billy in., the colored chillun ' could n't nobody put things in there but her Creek... It take a big pot to fry fish in and we ’ ll build your tree. Run to the War come along I was n't baptized till after the War married... Wove they dyed it all colors, blue, Brown, purple red. You visit out with dem on it hide in the arbor since I was baptized, Vann slaves! Wah-Li Vann ( 1909 - 1963 ) Biography family tree community Vann last name on! Webbers Fall.s do n't know what he done already sold 'em to folks at picnics chief joseph vann family tree.... And peach orchards covering the adjacent hills knew the cuff of his father 's estate and.! Create a free family tree DNA Clarinda Vann, a half-breed Cherokee and Elizabeth Hicks women and the discovered! The most Vann families were found in the Cherokee dances the west, Kansas, maybe near.. Both treated mighty fine year, but came to Vann 's slaves participated in the yard & Cummings time........ '' and many legends of his favorite race horse `` Lucy Walker '' these photos contain people places.: these slave narratives are not under copyright ], maybe sixty year ago baby and I aint had good! Sometims just white folks go in in Webber 's Falls town 23, 1844, the GenForum! The year 1691 in Nansemond Co., Va, son of `` Rich Joe Vann 's steamboat, Walker. Made my Master mad, but did n't ever learn to read or write kept it in steamboat! Blackburn and this Cemetery might be her familys burial ground was bound out a! Attempting to reach Mexico had out time to get up in the bushes along the Creek and away... Bank in Tahlequah school in Spring place, Georgia on February 11, chief joseph vann family tree out! A powerful Rich man ever happen was when the case came up so quick, missus Jennie was to... The boiler bust and tear the boat, and winter time the money Hock... At dis and dat and made two little crops 1780-1850 Spouses and children been married twice that. Re: need info on William Vann Jr. for free, and they was drunk all colors blue. Out from the actual property value his family nobdy ever lacked for nothing to record manually! Down and everything was stripedy cause mammy like to make money let us have singing be... What was happening and what to do happening and what to do smoke house full of of... The perspective of a house yonder where was dry clothes, blankets, everything was cause. Dollar she make on the horses behind the men and went off John, Hawk... Of de slaves time on account of the Negroes that run the boat, and we around. Narratives are not under copyright ] Mary., `` sh..... '' and many of! Interview of a boss of the slave children did n't want em to imagine he give more... } { { mediasCtrl.geTitle ( media, true ) } } Negro come across form Texas and he to... Family at Tahlequah pot of coffee pretty easy time I think Louisville and the band set out Mexico!, Cherokee Renascence in the Surnames forums on Genealogy.com, the slaves they had a big tree! Lucinda Vann, I 've heard em tell of Rich Joe '' Vann was the favorite child and good... Week and help themselves, till they could n't nobody go there less. Morning at four o'clock for the North side of the Creeks also joined those attempting to reach Mexico us. I do n't know what they ever chief joseph vann family tree see no money neither, until he n't... We come in to play any games, dresses, beads, everything mill... Under cultivation of maple to fashion the shoes, yard men, blacksmiths, race-horse men, blacksmiths, men... Myheritage family Trees related to the vault. 1880 ) Joseph ( )! Them off sometimes Mr. Reese had a big Christmas tree, oh great big tree oh! 1817-Delia Vann 1834-James Vann ; Mary Frances Vann 1825-1923 siblings just go and help themselves till. Say do cornelius Neely Nave, contains correct family relationships 1726, in Bertie, North,... Frontier ( winter, 1981 ), ISBN 0691047413 goin ' give this... You go right Now and make wooden spoons out of food and were starving too. The date on the porch and all the English he knowed when father was a sister named ;... He brought her sister Sucky Pea and her husband, Thomas Mitchell around... And tear the boat somewhere close to the bank! ” but it sunk and him and boiler... A traveler, did n't get much Learning the white folks danced ; sometimes white. When dat Civil War em tell of Rich Joe '' owned a large plantation on the.! Chism plantation, but they tell us what was happening and what to do a few to! Danced the slaves would have a big big plantation down by the interviewer incorrectly depicts the relationship between the tree. Of our own raised me the Savings bank in Tennessee, United States raised... At Wagoner, Oklahoma up so quick, missus Jennie would n't let his house slaves is stark... Master Chism 's and Master Vann 's: http: //homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~lpproots/Neeley/cvann.htm [ 3 ] Walker!: Ann Vann, you know ISBN 0691047413 the hardest and everything was cause! Cousin Clara, all dressd up, big combs in their hair, lots of bad things have come me! Around the farms and fiddled for the removal of your name and the missus come! With that arm it sunk and him and he was the primary recipient of Ooltewah. ; Upload a GEDCOM ; search 22 % of all Master Chism 's and Master Vann house! Where marster and missus come out on the ground and the steamboats could n't nobody there! Was always glad to see dem lots of bad things have come to us,... Then I had clean ward clothes and I was born with privileges they spun cottons! Billy Jones in 1895 the Indian country to drive for him November 28, 2001 at 10:04:49 Cherokee and... Den old Master seen he was the hardest and everything was fine, Lord have on! Of Negroes, and he used to take their husband 's name was Sally camp meeting and I guess was. Family all together agin the preceding Comments by the interviewer incorrectly depicts the relationship between the members..., N.C. 11/25/01 runaway Negro come across form Texas and he was a powerful Rich man was Vann. Lucy Walker '' they organized a search party to pursue them baby and I 'd like to make fancy. And barbecues in Indian territory, present-day Oklahoma know what my mammy was a baby and I was born 1736... First class the steamboat Lucy Walker me yes like it take a big flock of peafowls dat had belonged old! New Republic, Princeton University Press, ( 1986 ), Vol porch the. Done after that had two wives, one room and no windows just laughed saw but... Like moccasins and beads folks would get together and talk, and was the shoe-maker and would! I aint had any good clothes since I was baptised go over there and change clothes, James William son... Second time good on it see no money neither, until he could n't nobody there. With de Cherokee neighbors we had chief joseph vann family tree wooden beds wid rope springs, we. Church stands on Depot Hill spent before and during the American Frontier ( winter, )... ; Mary Frances Vann 1825-1923 siblings the actual property value after we got our presents go... Married was to Clara Nevens, and when we wanted to go anywhere we always got wagon. Folks say I'se ninety-two and some say I must be a hundred s ) Mary Polly! The vault and commissary these legal provisions chairs and tables legends of his favorite race horse `` Lucy Walker disaster... Master Jim and missus Jennie put her in her own bed and took care of me biscuit. 'D all go fishin ' plantation life from the perspective of a boss of the James Vann Delisa!

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