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Welcome to Encore Theater Company. We are dedicated to providing up to date reviews and previews of the hottest theater productions around the world today. We offer a fantastic alternative to the numerous reviews that are available in newspapers or online. Here, you can find all the reviews you want in one place for your reading convenience and pleasure.

With the rising costs of theater tickets, patrons are looking for information to help direct them to the best productions. At Encore Theater Company, our reviewers provide in depth analysis on the plot, cast, production staff and technical attributes. We are not in the business of recommending plays. We are in the business of providing you, our valued patrons, with the information you need to determine which productions might peak your interests.

In the future, we will be scouring venues all around the world to find all the latest and most relevant news on and off Broadway. We aspire to be your go to site when you want to know the real scoop about the most recent theater productions. And you can count on Encore Theater Company to deliver each and every time.

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Patton Lovel